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Can you be a Christian and Work in AI (Artificial Intelligence) ?

February 26, 2024


I have a question. I’m trying to get a job in cybersecurity and working with AI (Artificial Intelligence). I was wondering if doing that type of work be against my Catholic faith. I don’t want to...Read more

Novus Ordo Mass vs The Latin Mass.

February 23, 2024

Listening to Dr Taylor Marshall he says to leave the “Regular Mass” and go to Latin Mass. Unfortunately we live in a town where Latin Mass is not an option. What is your take on this?...Read more

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The cross without Christ; Christ without the cross 

February 29, 2024

If we could take Jesus off the cross and put Him over to one side, and then put the cross without Jesus on the other side, we would have the picture of the world. Who picks up Christ without the cross? Our Western, affluent, Christian civilization. No discipline, no mortification, no cross, no self-denial. Who picks up the cross without Christ? Russia, China. The ascetic principle of Christianity has moved to the totalitarian states: discipline, order, law, commitment to a common end. But neither side has the answer. The cross less Christ is weak, effeminate, and can never save, because there is no mention of sin. The Christless cross allows Dachau, Auschwitz, the squeezing of the lives of individuals like so many grapes to make the totalitarian wine of the state. The world problem and our own personal problem is this: Will Christ find the cross before the cross finds Christ?

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