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Jesse hosts a long-running broadcast, The Terry & Jesse Show, which airs Monday through Friday on Immaculate Heart Radio’s network. The popular new show can be heard live on I.H. Radio’s 25+ AM & FM stations located throughout the Southwestern United States. 

All shows are archived for later listening at Terry and Jesse Show Podcasts with the title The Terry Barber and Jesse Romero Show (The Lord’s Gym).

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August 17, 2017

1.  FAMILY // Our society liked to claim that children are resilient and can get over the effects of divorce easily. But 30 years of research has found that divorce changes kids. 

2. Archbishop Fulton Sheen – reflections for an agnostic.

3. Commentary on today gospel reading & daily reflection from Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

4.  TRUTH // Comedian Adam Carolla tells Congress that the desire to create "safe spaces" on college campuses leads to atrophy. "If you take people and you put them in a zero-gravity environment -- like astronauts, they lose muscle mass. They lose bone density. We're taking these kids -- in the name of protection -- we're putting them in a zero-gravity environment.... They need to live in a world that has gravity." 4-minute video:

5.  Marijuana devastated Colorado don’t legalize it nationally -

6. Email question - what does the Church say about cussing?

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Escucha a Jesse en Español


Jesse Romero has a new radio show en Español on El Sembrador radio.

His show airs on Mondays–Wednesdays from 12-1 p.m. and on Sunday nights from 8-9 p.m. across Southern California: Los Angeles county, Riverside county, San Diego county as well as Maricopa, AZ plus Chicago, IL and parts of Northern Mexico.

Also, the broadcasts can be heard via the Internet at El Sembrador Ministries