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Thank you St. John Paul II for teaching us how to pray deliverance prayers!! St. John Paul II Pray for Us!

October 18, 2017

Did St John Paul II compose a deliverance prayer?


Yes, here it is: more


October 17, 2017

Is God punishing us with fires?

ANSWER! more

Scriptural Gymnastics?

October 16, 2017

I hope that you can help me. I have always been confused by a couple of scriptural passages. In Luke 23:43 our Lord tells the good thief that "this day (i.e., Friday) you will be with me in paradise"...Read more

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Guilt and Neurosis

October 18, 2017

Some people have developed psychiatric problems from an excess of guilt. But an abnormal show of guilt does not prove that there is no normal guilt at the basis and foundation. A woman once came to see me about her brother. She told me he had been under psychiatric help for three years and had wasted away to about one hundred pounds. He looked almost like a ghost when he came to see me. He was so thin. I asked him to talk to me for about forty-five minutes and promised not to interrupt him.  At the end of forty-five minutes I asked him, 'How much did you steal?' He replied, 'I didn't steal anything.' I persisted, 'How much did you steal?' 'I didn't tell you I stole.' 'How much was it?' He gave in and confessed, 'Three thousand dollars. How did you know I stole?' I replied, 'You told me that you always wiped off whatever money you put into the collection box.  I thought perhaps you were involved with dirty money.' Three years of psychiatric treatment had failed to uncover the real problem, guilt, resulting from thievery. 

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