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"Dr Jennifer Morse takes on the Sexual Revolution"

The Terry and Jesse Show
February 15, 2019

1. Gospel Mark 7:31-37 Jesus makes the deaf hear and the mute speak. Interview.

2. Dr Jennifer Morse on her book ‘the Sexual...Read more

"St Elizabeth Ann Seton stated that demons enter your home through television screens."

Jesus 911 with Jesse Romero and Eddie Chavez
February 15, 2019

1. This is How Television Creates a Little Satanist Girl By Edwin Benson

2. Frequently asked questions about the ‘Auxilium Christianorum’ more

"Rich liberals have walls but they don't want our country to have one."

The Terrry and Jesse Show
February 14, 2019

1. Gospel Mark 7:24-30 the dogs under the table eat the childrens scraps.

2. Charlie Kirk in 2.5 minutes gives the best explanation...Read more

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