Who has authority? That is the question?

September 27, 2019
Husband Wife


On Jesus 911 you have spoken about the difference between imprecatory and deprecatory prayers. I do understand the difference between them. You said it's appropriate to use imprecatory prayers for those you have authority over. As a wife and mother I understand I am able to pray imprecatory prayers for my children, sons or daughters in law, and grandchildren. However, I'm wondering if I have authority to pray these prayers for my husband, parents or friends. Please address each of these three relationships for me. Thank you in advance and God bless you and your ministry!


My below 3 blogs answer your questions. In a nutshell, you can pray deprecatory prayers over your husband (because you don't have authority over him). He can pray imprecatory prayers over you because he has authority over you. A husband has spiritual authority over his wife, the wife does not have spiritual authority over her husband. I just said something that you will probably never hear from a Catholic pulpit (before 1965, this was said all the time).