Could a lay person lay hands on another person? What are the rules?

July 10, 2020


I would like to thank you so very much for your wonderful program and ministry. Your show is such a blessing and the knowledge of proper spiritual warfare is so needed in our time. I am wondering what your thoughts are regarding the Unbound ministry where an Unbound team helps counsel and pray over folks for deliverance and freedom. I heard of these groups forming teams to help pray for people, especially for deliverance. I think they actually may lay hand on and pray over people and was wondering, based on proper authority (Demons being legalists and Lawyers from hell so to speak), if there would be any repercussions from doing this?


Regarding the laying on of hands over another lay person - read these short essays:

Under laying on of hands in Strong’s Bible Concordance you will never find one equal (lay person) laying hands upon another equal (lay person). The one’s that will lay hands in both Testaments over someone in prayer are those in spiritual authority either by being directly appointed by God or by delegation from those who have Gods authority (such as the Prophets or Apostles).

A lay person has no authority to lay hands on another lay person. The Laying on of hands is a Priestly action in both Old & New Testament. Demons will retaliate against a person who is trying to act like a Priest and stepping out of his lane of authority. Demons yield to proper authority