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November 30, 2022

I have a question that arose from thinking about the martyrs, who died for their faith. What should we do if someone threatens to take someone else's life unless we renounce the faith? Also, my Catholic teenager...Read more

The Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy

November 29, 2022

Please understand I say this with all the love and charity in my heart and soul given to me by the Grace of our Lord Jesus through His Sacred Heart along with the blessed Virgin Mary our...Read more

Trust in Jesus Christ, not stones, rocks, or crystals!

November 28, 2022

I'm a spiritual teacher who has many years of experience with crystal healing and other spiritual techniques. I just wanted to ask whether you accept guest posts on your site? I'd love to put together an in-depth...Read more

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Marriage is a Symbol of the Love of God

December 2, 2022

 "Every woman promises a man a love that only God can give.  And every man promises a woman a love that only God can give.  A finite creature cannot bear its yearning of the infinite love any more than a statue of bronze can rest upon the stem of a flower.  Men and women are all looking for another kind of love.  Today this causes the breakdown of the marriage covenant.  When people leave on marriage and seek another, it is like the addition of zeroes, which never, never brings happiness."


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