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King Saul Bewitched?

May 29, 2019

On Monday’s (May 6, 2019) show, you and Eddie were talking about invoking demons and I asked a question in the chat room on YouTube. However, you were not able to respond to it and I was told you’d...Read more


May 21, 2019

My wife took me to the Emergency Room at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center on 5-20-19 for an acute headache that suddenly came about in the middle of my radio show ('the Terry & Jesse Show'). It was like some invisible...Read more

Fr. Pavone Schools Dem Rep Brian Sims! You Go Fr. Pavone! Yay!

May 10, 2019
Democrat Rep. Brian Sims: Five Absurdities and Five Responses by Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life.

The words and actions of Pennsylvania Democrat representative Brian Sims, who publicly bullied peaceful prolife citizens in front of Planned Parenthood of...Read more

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The Mass is a drama

June 10, 2019

What is the Mass? The Mass is a drama; it's not a tragedy because there's a Resurrection. In every great drama there is first of all the conception of it strong in the mind of the artist. Second, there are long rehearsals, the choosing of characters and types; third, there is opening night; and fourth, there are road companies. The drama of the Mass was conceived in the mind of the eternal dramatist, for the Lamb was slain from the beginning of the world.  Then there were the rehearsals and the types and the choosing of characters: paschal lamb, the serpent, and the many other instances and prototypes of sacrifice in the Old Testament. Then came the opening night, the Last Supper, which looked forward to the cross. And then the Lord sent out his road companies, his priests: “Do this in memory of me.” Same action, same words, same drama, only different characters pronouncing the lines. When, therefore, we begin the Mass, we are reaching back to the cross of Calvary and lifting it out of its rocks and planting it right down here in our midst. Every time a Mass is offered, Calvary is represented somewhere on earth.

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