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Who is Satan?

April 18, 2019

Was Satan a seraphim? Why was he booted out of heaven? “Who is Satan?


Jewish Rabbinical tradition asserts that he was the most important spirit standing by God's throne. He had twelve wings, twice as many as...Read more

Gregorian Masses....the fast track to heaven!

April 17, 2019

Good morning Jesse love your show been a follower and supporter of your show for many years. Oh yeah! I have my 7year old son always saying "reporting for duty sir!" to the point that sisters are so annoyed...Read more

Drugs....the open door to the demonic!

April 16, 2019

I was wondering if you could help my brother. He has been trying to kick heroin for 2 years now but is having bad dreams. The dreams are like he is talking in tongues. (We have the dreams...Read more

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We belong to another world

April 22, 2019

Someone gave me a canary to be my companion during a long sickness. If I told that bird, “You are in this tiny, little cage and you have wings, but this is the right place for you,” I'm sure the bird would be depressed. If, however, the bird could understand, and I said to him, “You're in the wrong place. You have a gift of song that should mount to the heavens, and you have wings that should fly” the bird would then be happier. So we are unhappy when we are locked in this little cosmos, which could be shattered by a bomb. But if we are told that there is another world, then life becomes a little bit happier.

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