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An Amulet for a Christmas Gift??

January 3, 2022


For Christmas I received a gift of jewelry from a fellow Catholic this is concerning me, and I wanted your advice on the concerning item. It is a smooth, light pink stone with a hole drilled...Read more

Our Lady experienced no pain in childbirth

December 27, 2021


Tonight at Christmas Mass, during his homily, the priest talked about the birth of a baby in his family, the difficulty and struggle the mother endured. Then he continued on, speaking of Mary, as though she,...Read more

At Virgin Most Powerful Radio our spiritual antennas are working overtime.

December 17, 2021

I love your show and especially the FACTUAL info you guys share. Because I, like you, love and seek the truth, I wanted to share an animal study on the mRNA Biological you discusses on the Dec...Read more

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Do Not Pass By This Great Salvation

January 7, 2022

Love of man is God's hell.  Our Lord had a hell, and it was because he loved us.  Love of mankind was Christ's hell.  So in these days when the word 'reconciliation' has become popular, let us not reduce it to sociological reconciliation, political reconciliation, or any other kind of reconciliation until we have first sounded the profound depths of this great mystery.  The word 'reconciliation' is never mentioned in scripture apart from the death of Christ. I slipped his fingers, I escaped his feet. I ran and hid for him I feared to meet. On day I passed him, fettered on the tree. He turned his head and looked and beckoned me Neither by speed nor strength could he prevail, Each hand and foot was pinioned by a nail. He could not run, nor clasp me if he tried, But with his eyes he bade me reach his side. For pity's sake, thought I, I'll set you free. 'Nay take this cross,'said he, 'and follow me. This yoke is easy, this burden light, Not hard nor grievous if you wear it tight.' So did I follow him who could not move, an uncaught captive in the hands of love.

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