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Recipe to combat anxiety & insomnia

April 13, 2021

I was reminded by my sister that you are a believer in spiritual warfare. Do you and/or your wife have the gift of healing or do you know of anyone who does? Do you mind sharing with me any...Read more

Do lay people have ecclesial rights?

April 9, 2021

Do lay people have ecclesial rights?


Have you ever wondered how to deal with a wayward, modernist, progressive prelate? Can you voice your opinion for the good of the Church? YES!

CCC 907 In accord with...Read more

Nothing to worry about if living in a state of grace!

April 8, 2021

I am contacting you regarding a situation involving a young woman who has reached out to our pastor. She claims that she is possessed by the devil and she is requesting an exorcism and baptism. My pastor met with...Read more

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Who Will Roll Back The Stone?

April 15, 2021

His friends did not believe in the death and Resurrection of our Blessed Lord. First of all, when the women went to the grave, they did not go to greet the risen Savior. They brought spices to anoint a dead body. Their problem was in moving back the stone. In front of this subterranean grave there was placed a great millstone, with a hole in the center through which a pole would be put to roll away the stone. That is why they asked, 'Who shall roll back the stone for us in order that we may anoint the dead body?' When they told the disciples, Peter and John, that the tomb was empty and the Lord had risen, Peter said, 'Woman's tale.'  So they did not believe. The disciples at Emmaus that Sunday afternoon did not believe. Peter and Andrew and James and John went back to the fishing business. They did not believe. It took considerable convincing, the appearances of our Blessed Lord, and, above all, the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost to confirm the Resurrection.

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