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January 23, 2023

Would you happen to know of this lady by the name of Lorena who says she receives messages from St. Joseph. I have a friend who sends me things like this. The last one he sent was...Read more


January 20, 2023

Can Father Pavone please address one of the criticisms I’ve heard about his fundraising of considerable dollars to start a pro-life religious order and a seminary. It never happened. What happened to that money? How could he...Read more

Understanding Ananias's Authority

January 19, 2023

On one of your shows you mention that every time someone lays hands in Scripture it is done by a presbyter/episcopal/someone in authority. What about Ananias who is just labeled a disciple of the Lord in Acts...Read more

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The World Is Our Testing Ground

January 29, 2023

At the Vatican Council, there was the discussion about the world.  I remember one of the bishops from Belgium arose and made the proper distinction between the two uses of the word 'world' in scripture.  The word 'world' can mean the theater of the redemption, and in that sense it is good:  'God so loved the world.'  But the world also means a spirit, an organization without God. So our Lord said, 'I have taken you out of the world. Therefore the world will hate you.' 'I pray not for the world,' he said. But there was a confusion.  And the result is that today we have lost many of our faithful and our priests and our sisters, not because of Christological heresy, nor because of persecution.  The Lord has been very good to us; the only test he gave us was: 'Will you become secular, will you leave?

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