Wooden Christ Or Living Christ?

January 9, 2020

St. John Adcock wrote a poem contrasting a child playing with a wooden lion and a Christian.  He wonders what would happen if the wooden lion ever came to life, and what would happen to the Christian if Christ appeared.  When a blithe infant wrapped in careless joy Sports with the wooden lion, if the toy Should come to life, the child so direly crossed Faced with this actuality were lost. Leave us our toys then, happier we shall stay While they remain but toys and we can play With them and do with them as suits us best. Reality would add to our unrest. We want no living Christ whose truth intense And flashing on all folly and deceit would blast our world to ashes at our feet. We do but ask to see no more of him below than is displayed in the dead plaything our own hands have made, to lull our fears and comfort us in loss the wooden Christ upon the wooden cross. For gotten is the reality of Christ who chose a human nature and continues his incarnation by choosing ours.  He wants us, therefore, to be available so that he can display his power through us, his truth through us.