Why should an exorcist be concerned about discernment?

August 9, 2018
Fr. Gabriel Amorth


Why should an exorcist be concerned about discernment?


An exorcist must be most concerned and diligent about discernment because of the very nature of demons: they are deceivers.  Good discernment is necessary both to sort out the truth from deception and to distinguish natural causes of things from spiritual causes.  There is o other skill quite as necessary in exorcism work as discernment.

By virtue of ordination a priest naturally acts in various discernment capacities in his care of souls (cura animarum).  First, he is a counselor as his discerning listening skills aid a person in his faith journey of better understanding God's will.  He also acts like a true shepherd whose "rod and staff" (protective prayers and sacramentals) give courage to afflicted persons and help them to see the true nature of their affliction.  Finally, the priest acts like a doctor of souls who assists people in healing their spiritual wounds, which also leads to self-understanding, spiritual growth and sanctification.

By Rev. Thomas J Euteneuer "Exorcist and The Church Militant"  page 98.