Who can use "binding prayers" and how do I use "binding" prayers?

June 23, 2022


What are binding prayers and when can they be used?


“To bind” comes from the New Testament which means “to tie down or tie up” (katadeo); it means “to bind together like a prisoner in confinement” (sundeo); it means “to bond or fetter as in a prisoner” (desmos); it also means “to stretch the body forth in preparation for a scourging” (Proteino).

‘Binding prayers’ (against demons) were probably first coined by the protestant Pentecostals (in 1901 in Topeka Kansas & 1906 at the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles) and the phrase became popular with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal which started in 1967. ‘Binding Prayers’ are meant to bind demons from harming you, your family and your property. Some people say this is NOT part of Catholic tradition. That’s NOT true, the “August Queen Prayer” was given on January 13, 1864, to a holy soul, Father Louis Cestac, who died in 1868, he was accustomed to the favors of the most Holy Virgin. This Priest saw demons spread out over the earth causing unbelievable ravage. The Holy Virgin gave him this prayer and the Priest was instructed to ask for her intercession through this prayer in order for Our Lady to send the holy legions to combat and overthrow the powers of hell (cf. https://www.michaeljournal.org/articles/roman-catholic-church/item/the-a...)..

Another famous Catholic ‘Binding Prayer’ is the ST PATRICK’S BREASTPLATE (THE LORICA). This is an Irish breastplate prayer or song, the Lorica is a Latin word, pronounced loːˈriːka, meaning “body armour”. In biology a lorica is a shell-like protective outer covering. St. Patrick’s Breastplate is a faith-filled prayer from the 5th century, and is attributed to Ireland’s patron saint. This litany or invocation is said to have been written by Saint Patrick in the year 433 A.D. as he appealed for divine protection - https://www.redthreadpoets.com/st-patricks-breastplate-the-lorica/ against a culture of luciferian occultist.                                                                                                                                                                                   The allusion is probably to Ephesians 6:14, where the Apostle bids his readers stand, "having put on the breast-plate of righteousness". The first five sections of the prayer or hymn begin "I bind unto myself today", followed by a list of sources of strength that the prayer calls on for support - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Patrick%27s_Breastplate. What’s interesting about this ‘minor exorcism’ prayer is that we bind ourselves to God and we literally hide behind God as our shield against our infernal enemies.   

Who can use ‘binding prayers’ and how do I use ‘binding’ prayers? “The Church in her wisdom and experience has always known that authority is one of the primary requisites in order to drive out a demon…For it is when we remain under the authority structure that God has established by the divine positive law (i.e. the authority of the Church) and the natural law, that we remain protected. For this reason, if the laity always remains within the confines of the authority that God has given to them by the natural law; such as commanding demons to leave their own bodies, or those over whom they have authority by the natural law (such as their children or their wife, etc), then they will experience little or no (demonic) retaliation, as a general rule” (Fr Ripperger – Deliverance Prayers for the Laity p.7-8).

I will simplify it, a lay Catholic can do ‘binding prayers’ over himself, his wife, his children, his house and everything inside that house. That’s where his or her authority stops. I cannot do ‘binding prayers’ over Planned Parenthood, Family Planning Associates, the Airport, Walmart, Target, my neighbors house, my best friends house – why? Because I have ‘no authority’ over those places. When you enter those places you can do a ‘binding prayer’ over yourself, because you have 100% authority in relation to yourself. You cannot do a ‘binding prayer’ over a place that is not yours, we know this by ‘natural law’ and ‘divine positive law.’ When you step out of your lane of authority you open yourself to diabolic retaliation against your marriage or your children, demons will attack your sacrament that unites you to God and the fruits of that sacrament and demons are just watching and waiting for you to step out of your lane of authority.

Short example: if a cop has probable cause that a person has committed a crime he has the authority to arrest the person, which means the cop will bind him or her with handcuffs. No problem, it's all legal.

However, if a person who is not a cop forcibly puts handcuffs on a person and moves them against their will this is called a crime. Why? The person does not have the authority to arrest & use force against another person and much less to move them against their will. The person will be arrested and prosecuted for ‘false imprisonment, battery, kidnapping & impersonating a Police Officer.