November 10, 2022


Thank you so much for everything you do.  Your shows have become a daily part of my life.  They inform, teach, and inspire me. I am a retired law enforcement officer .  I spent 28 years in law enforcement as a police officer and Special agent with the US Drug Enforcement Administration.  I fell away from the faith for a number of years as I watched the changes in the Church.  I also attended many Novus Ordo masses and found that the Priests did not speak to me.  In 2015 I found the Rosary thanks to listening to old episodes of Father Malachai Martin on Coast to Coast.  I became so disheartened with the world I felt the Rosary was all I had left. Since 2015, I have said the Rosary everyday . When I turned to the Rosary it changed my life.  I know some people have this immediate metamorphosis .  Not me.  It was a slow burn that has made me more and more devout.  Then I found Fr. Chad Rippeger. Wow, did he do a number on me. He changed the way I looked at everything and brought me even closer to Our Lady. There are a lot of ups, downs, and all arounds  during this time but needless to say in 7 years my life has transformed.  Our Lady has worked within me like nothing else.  I regularly speak with her, our Lord, our Archangels, and my best friend, my Guardian Angel. Today I attend Mass every Sunday and many times during the week.  There is a Traditional Latin Mass 45 minutes from me and I try to get there at least once a month. Life is good! Nothing more about me, but I do have a couple questions for you so I do not get confused. What is the best book for prayers in Latin to English? Which 1962 Missal is best for Latin to English translations?

Thanks and keep up the great work.


The missal that I use is the 1962 Angelus Press. It contains all the prayers that I will ever use for the rest of my life. I'll copy a Priest friend and see if he recommends a simply Catholic prayer book that has the english and latin side by side.

God bless you, Jesse



I also believe the layman's TLM Missal that you both already have is sufficient for all the prayers you'll probably  need the rest of your life.

Here's a few other prayers I pray every day:


Kolbe Consecration Prayer: O Immaculata, Queen of heaven and earth, refuge of sinners and our most loving Mother, God has willed to entrust the entire order of mercy to you. I, [X] cast myself at your feet, humbly imploring you to take me with all that I am and have, wholly to yourself as your possession and property. Please make of me, of all my powers of soul and body, of my whole life, death and eternity, whatever most pleases you. If it please you, use all that I am and have without reserve, wholly to accomplish what was said of you: She will crush your head and You alone have destroyed all the heresies of the whole world.  Let me be a fit instrument in your immaculate and merciful hands for introducing and increasing your glory to the maximum in all the many strayed and indifferent souls, and thus help extend as far as possible the blessed kingdom of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. For wherever you enter you obtain the grace of conversion and growth in holiness, since it is through your hands that all graces come to us from the most Sacred Heart of Jesus.—St. Maximilian Kolbe.

 -MM:  "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you, and for all who do not have recourse to you, especially for the freemasons and for those who are commended to your care."

ANGELIC WARFARE:  Chosen lily of innocence, pure St. Thomas, who kept chaste the robe of baptism and became an angel in the flesh after being girded by two angels, I implore you to commend me to Jesus, the Spotless Lamb, and to Mary, the Queen of Virgins. Gentle protector of my purity, ask them that I, who wear the holy sign of your victory over the flesh, may also share your purity, and after imitating you on earth may at last come to be crowned with you among the angels. Amen.

-Dear Jesus, I know that every perfect gift, and especially that of chastity, depends on the power of Your Providence.  Without You a mere creature can do nothing. Therefore, I beg You to defend, by Your grace, the chastity and purity of my body and soul.  And if I have ever sensed or imagined anything that could stain my chastity and purity, blot it out, Supreme Lord of my powers, that I may advance with a pure heart in Your love and service, offering myself on the most pure altar of Your divinity all the days of my life. Amen.

Chestplate of St. Patrick:  I bind myself today to a strong power, an invocation of the Trinity. I believe in a Threeness, with confession of a Oneness in the Creator of the Universe. I bind myself today to the power of Christ's birth with His baptism, to the power of His crucifixion with His burial, to the power of His resurrection with His ascension, to the power of His coming in the Judgment of Doom. I bind myself today to the power of the ranks of Cherubim, in obedience of Angels, in service of Archangels, in hope of resurrection for reward, in prayers of Patriarchs, in preaching of Apostles, in faiths of Confessors, in innocence of Holy Virgins, in deeds of righteous men. I bind myself today to the power of Heaven, in light of Sun, in brightness of Snow, in splendour of Fire, in speed of Lightning, in swiftness of Wind, in depth of Sea, in stability of Earth, in compactness of Rock. I bind myself today to God's Power to pilot me, God's might to uphold me, God's wisdom to guide me, God's eye to look before me, God's ear to hear me, God's Word to speak to me, God's hand to guard me, God's way to lie before me, God's shield to protect me, God's host to secure me, Against snares of demons, Against seductions of vices, Against lusts of nature, Against every one who wishes ill to me, Afar and near, Alone and in a multitude. So have I invoked all God's powers between myself and every cruel, merciless power which may come against my body and my soul, against incantations of false prophets, against black laws of heathenry, against false laws of heretics, against craft of idolatry, against spells of women and smiths and druids, against every knowledge that defiles men's souls. Christ to protect me today, Against poison, against burning, against drowning, against death-wound, until a multitude of rewards come to me! Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me! Christ below me, Christ above me. Christ at my right, Christ at my left! Christ in breadth, Christ in length, Christ in height! Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me, Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks to me, Christ in every eye that sees me, Christ in every ear that hears me! I bind myself today to a strong power, an invocation of the Trinity. I believe in a Threeness with confession of a Oneness, in the Creator of the universe.  Salvation is the Lord's, salvation is the Lord's, salvation is Christ's. May Thy salvation, O Lord, be always with us.  Amen.

St. Joseph Prayer (SJCE):  Oh, St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires. Oh, St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, our Lord; so that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of Fathers. Oh, St. Joseph I never weary contemplating you and Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press him in my name and kiss His fine head for me, and ask him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath. St. Joseph, patron of departing souls, pray for me.  

In Christo et Maria,

Fr. David Nix

"To know Him and the power of His Resurrection and partaking in His sufferings conformed to His death."—Philippians 3:10