When does a demon attach to a person?

May 11, 2022


What is the exact time frame from when a demon attaches itself to a person to possession, is it months or years of living in sin? I am asking this out of increasing knowledge of the faith and am not experiencing these things.


No human can answer that question since there is no timeline or thermometer or microscope  or x-ray or MRI to measure with precision when a person goes from diabolic affliction to possession. Objectively, it only takes one unconfessed unrepentant mortal sin to become possessed, but all possession is permitted by God for a salvific purpose. God determines when he allows the demon to possess a person and God determines when the person will be liberated. Exorcist and tenured team members know when a person is possessed because there are 4 classic signs:

1.  When someone speaks or understands languages they normally do not; 

2.  When their physical strength is disproportionate to their body size or age; 

3.  When they are suddenly knowledgeable about occult practices; 

4.  When they have a physical aversion to sacred things, such as the communion host or prayers."