February 11, 2021


My cousin has received letters over the years to his home from a "Secret Society" inviting him to join. He has never responded but has saved the letters. Recently, he received a message on his facebook account which he never uses because it was hacked into years ago and his information up for grabs for anyone to see. He still receives indicators when someone has messaged him and this is what the most recent one said:

 "GREETINGS FROM THE OMNIPOTENT ROTHSCHILD DYNASTY. THIS INVITATION SERVES AS A WRITTEN AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE ILLUMINATI AND ANYONE WHO CHOOSES TO ACCEPT. We invite you to the noble role of the great Illuminati in which the charism and elites are defended with the objectives achieved and the objective for their members. By creating this destination online, we strive to bring order to a world full of chaos and lack, lighting a candle for all those who walk down the street while the night reaches its darkest point. The Illuminati promise to turn around and make you famous and rich by expelling the difficulties of poverty that affects society without privileges, each step forward brings you closer to the abundance. Follow the light, the Illuminati always watch over you. Welcome to the new world order. Say hello to ILLUMINATI. WE ARE THE OPTIMUM RULERS. Are you interested in hearing more?"

Facebook is now recruiting by unsolicited messaging. What can he do besides ignore and delete his account? He is a jack Mormon, ex Catholic. What should I advise him to do? I am sorry to corrupt your email with this vile message but I know you are strong in your faith and take daily measures for spiritual battle.


Your cousin has obviously inquired about them or he would not be receiving emails and mailings from them. I hope your cousin is a practicing Catholic, if he is not, he will slip into their secret society by their constant invitation.

So what is the truth about the Illuminati?

It is a well-known fact that Freemasonry has infiltrated the Catholic Church. Pope Leo XIII has written an encyclical on this. We have some Bishops who are Freemasons, among other presbyters. Freemasonry works along with any other secret sects (like the Illuminati) that work for the destruction of the Catholic Church, her truths and the office of the Papacy. So, what is the truth about the Illuminati? Again, they are secret societies so they keep alot of their operations covert. 

The Illuminati was a German organization in the 18th century composed of atheists and deists that promoted separation of religion and state and constitutional government. They were similar to the Freemasons in most aspects.

Illuminati and freemasonry started by luke warm protestants who consider themselves free thinkers, they were anti-Catholic, they recruit the wealthy, educated and influential. They keep their rituals and rites a secret, they oppose Christianity morality and soteriology and they are fascinated with paganism and try to adopt some of their ideas as a way to build a better society.

The word, nowadays, has become synonymous with conspiracy theories. In today’s pop culture ‘the Illuminati’ is an alleged secret society of powerful musicians like Nicki Minaj’s, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce and MTV’s best new artist Rapper Tyler the Creator. These powerful musicians have claimed the devil as their own to drive dollars using shock value. There are also powerful CEOs and Politicians rumored to worship the devil and to be part of ‘the Illuminati’ (Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/04/19/music-artists-turning-to...). These narcissist consider themselves the earth movers.

I don’t worry about them, JESUS will stomp all the enemies of the Church in His time. The bible assures us of this: "These shall fight with the Lamb. And the Lamb shall overcome them because He is Lord of lords and King of kings: and they that are with him are called and elect and faithful" [Revelation 17:14].