What is a ‘spiritual contract’?

May 29, 2020


What is a spiritual contract?


Kyle Clement (Liber Christo Instructor - Healing, Deliverance & Exorcism: 

A ‘spiritual contract’ attaches a spiritual significance to a temporal action, in other words putting an eternal consequence to what happens in the temporal. We do this subconsciously when we say for example: Blessed Mother, I offer the merits of this rosary for my cousin Bobs conversion – that is a spiritual contract. Your doing a physical action for an intended consequence. That means for example, when I make the sign of the cross over my body, that is a temporal action that has a spiritual consequence. You cannot separate the action from the spiritual consequence. It’s like doing Yoga and saying I am just doing these postures and movements for the exercise. That’s ludicrous. Yoga movements are a physical action that has spiritual consequences. Making the sign of the cross has a spiritual consequence because it is universally recognized as the sign of the cross and what goes with it is an invocation of the Trinity. I can’t separate those things from that movement. That is an implied contract through usage. Its is implied through usage. So, if I see someone make the sign of the cross, no matter the context, it has a meaning. A spiritual contract is a calling to mind, an articulation of the things that we do that have a spiritual consequence and it can be the attaching to a spiritual consequence to a specific action. The clearest example of a spiritual contract is an indulgence, which says if I meet these requirements than an indulgence is granted and may be used to give refreshment to souls in purgatory. My temporal action, my fulfilling the physical requirements (for an indulgence) has a spiritual value. And so the clearest example of a spiritual contract is an indulgence, the sign of cross, a genuflection. This is a tangible thing because of my physically actions, it has a spiritual value. Another example, every time the demon afflicts me with an upset stomach, then I am going to apply that as atonement for my sins and reparation for others who have adversity to the sacred. Or if I don’t want to suffer today, I am trying to get rid of suffering, then I am offering that fear in reparation, that’s a spiritual contract. What it says is my physical reaction has this spiritual consequence. This turns the tables on the diabolical, because if the demon afflicting you, causing physical pain, now you are saying by contract that it has a spiritual benefit, the demon will definitely quit. For example, every time I don’t want to pray, I am going to pray in “my will” and I am going to offer the adversity and the struggle for all those people who are struggling as well. I am going to fast for those who are not willing to fast. I am going to suffer for those who are unwilling to suffer or unable to suffer. My sister in law who hates my guts because I married her brother, than I am going to offer my love for her brother as love for her. A curse, to turn it around and send it back with a blessing are all forms of spiritual contracts. Here is an example of how you do it, for example if you have a sudden acute headache: “Lord, I am experiencing a (headache), if this is not of you and it is of diabolical origin, I ask you Lord to send it back to it source with a 10 fold blessing. But if you want me to carry this cross, I will fully accept it. I ask you for the grace to carry it and I offer it for (state person) – Amen.”

This is what is called: “blessing those who curse you” (cf. Luke 6:28) and “heaping hot coals on your enemies” (cf. Proverbs 25:21-22).

The evil people (Satanist, witches, the occult) also do spiritual contracts like a ‘malefice’ and the ‘evil eye.’ A malefice is a demonstrative curse with a physical action. In the same way that a blessing has a physical action. What we do with our bodies has spiritual consequences, its built upon that premise.

* Curse – is a verbal thing you say (Fr Ripperger).                                                                                                                  

* Malefice – more than a curse, it is an evil deed (ibid).