What reactions did people have to Jesus' exorcism ministry?

September 27, 2018
Jesus Healing The Blind


The reactions to His exorcism ministry were varied.  Many marveled at His unparalleled authority over evil and "praised God that such power had been given to men." They continued to bring demoniacs and oppressed people to Him and His disciples for deliverance.  The spiritually proud elite leaders of Israel, however, remained resolutely opposed to the authority that was made manifest for their belief , and they contradicted His work by saying that it was "by the pwer of Beelzebul that He casts out demons."

Attributing His spiritual power to  the devil caused the Lord to issue the most stringent warning about eternal damnation; He warned that such a blasphemy was a sin against the Holy Spirit, "the sin that will never be forgiven."  The sin is not "unforgivable" in the sense that the Lord is incapable of purging it; rather, it indicates that the heart from which that blasphemy issues is totally closed to the obvious manifestation of Christ's salvific power.  Such was the sin of proud Lucifer in the beginning when he refused to submit to God and decided to set up his own atrocious kingdom.