May 26, 2023


I recently visited my younger sister she is in her late 40's .She has had a long term Marijuana problem and cannot function without it. She hasn't been to mass in years and is living in sin and does not work. This last time l saw her she seems not herself,  l saw evil in her, like she may be influenced by demons , she looked so very nasty towards me and uses foul language in her conversations. (We have had no falling out , just don't really see each other, due to living in different towns) She also had nothing positive to say about me and tried to put me down. I am living in the state of Grace and try to live a holy life. I have the book the Deliverance prayres for the Laity by fr Chad Ripperger, is there a particular prayer l can say for her to help her from this book? (I do pray the Rosary etc for her conversation as well).


The prayers in Fr Rippergers book are written for the Men to lead them, the wife can accompany. A wife cannot do those prayers without the permission of her Priest and without the permission of her husband. The prayers are Patriarchal prayers, their meant to be prayed by the head of house or led by the head of house. If a woman usurps his authority and prays these prayers on her own without her husbands permission she will be retaliated against by evil spirits. Fr Rippergers book are prayers for the father to pray over his immediate family or any person can pray those prayers for themselves.

You don't have spiritual authority over your sister. You can ask the Lord to grant your sister the grace of conversion by praying the daily Divine Mercy for her, the daily Holy Rosary, Holy Hours in Adoration, fast on Wednesdays and Fridays and offer the Holy Mass for her conversion. Those are the appropriate prayers for a sister to pray for her sibling.