What Is Mercury retrograde?

May 16, 2022


What is Mercury retrograde?


Here is an article on 'Mercury Retrograde' -  https://www.zenluma.com/blog/crystals/what-is-mercury-retrograde/#:~:text=What%20is%20Mercury%20Retrograde%3F%20The%20word%20%E2%80%9Cretrograde%E2%80%9D%20means,by%20differences%20in%20orbit%20between%20Mercury%20and%20Earth . This belief system is part of the kingdom of satan, everything about 'this 'Mercury Retrograde' belief system is a satanic deception and a lie meant to take your eyes off from God and his Divine Providence in your life. This 'Mercury Retrograde' belief goes against the teachings of the Holy Bible and Catholic doctrine. The article says 'Mercury Retrograde is ' based on Astrologers, which by the way, is not science, it's part of the occult. Astronomy is science, Astrology is considered the "sin of divination and the sin of superstition" (CCC 2111, 2115, 2116). Mercury Retrograde teaches that planetary alignments based on the zodiac signs effects your behavior. WRONG! Your behavior is based on your free will that is governed  by your moral conscience (it's either 'well formed' or 'misinformed'). This is just a way to give secular humanist an excuse for their sinful behavior, they will blame 'Mercury Retrograde' the movement of the planets for their ungodly behavior. This is another New Age tool to get people to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.