What is "the Light of Christ Prayer"?

April 21, 2022

Kyle Clement (Case Facilitator for S.M.D.) composed and wrote this intercessory prayer (‘Light of Christ’) and Fr Chad Ripperger (his spiritual director) approved it. It goes like this: 

“May the light of Christ be on (name), so that they see themselves as the Heavenly Father sees them; and that I see them as the Heavenly Father sees them, Amen.”

This projects the love of Christ upon the person and enables us to grow in our love and trust of God” (FTC Companion Guide). 

The below two questions give more information on this prayer:


 I am a practicing Catholic but my roommate is involved in the occult. How can I pray to protect myself? Can I pray and drive evil spirits out of him and his bedroom?                                                                     


Live in a state of grace and move out. No you can’t drive out a demon from your friend. You can’t co-exist with him in the same apartment. One side of the house is praying and one side of the house is cursing.  I would pray the “Light of Christ prayer” for him throughout the day, whenever he comes to mind, you have to give him a prick of conscience so that he can come to repentance and metanoia. The “Light of Christ prayer” moves us out of the way, it makes it easier for us to pray for the person, this is the image we want to project to God in prayer. We can infer that this is what the Prodigal father prayed for his son (cf. Luke 15:11-32), he undoubtedly prayed that the son would come to his senses. Metaphysically, our prayer is that God will gives the person the grace to make the person realize that he/she is not in right order. Get in your mind a stalk image when that person was in a right relationship with God (1st Communion, Confirmation) and project this image into the cosmos as you pray for them to receive that prick of conscience and the grace of conversion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


I am a 22-year-old that is on fire for my Catholic faith but my parents are consulting a wizard and go to Mass as well. What can I do? I still live with them.                                                                                                                                                                      


By Kyle Clement: “Out of piety for your parents you must pray for your them, but you can’t live there. Sit down with your parents, have a heart-to-heart conversation with them and tell them what they’re doing is inconsistent with our Catholic faith. Out of piety you want them to abandon their practice of the occult for the sake of their soul. This conversation may actually draw you closer. Whenever you think of your parents, project “The light of Christ Prayer” into the cosmos for your parents. Visualize your parents (in your mind or hold up a picture of them) when they were in a right relationship with God. This is the inversion of what the demon does, he accuses & slanders us, he wants souls to be stuck in mortal sin and go to hell. We are doing ‘judo’ with this ‘Light of Christ’ prayer, were turning it around by projecting the person in need of conversion to God in prayer, we are projecting in prayer when they were last in a right relationship with God, were telling the Lord to remember the person when they were in a right relationship with him, this is the exact opposite of what the demon’s project into the cosmos about the person (accusations Rev 12:10, deceives 1 Tim 2:11; and slanders Titus 2:3). All prayer is projection, this is the way angels and demons communicate, by projection. Its the most succinct prayer to desire the salvation of the soul of another person, this opens up the medium of communication between God and the soul which is grace, this opens up the channel for the person to return back to a right relationship with God. God will let you see yourself as well as you pray this prayer, so this prayer has a double effect. Now, when you pray the rosary, the divine mercy for this person, it will have an even greater effect upon their soul.”

Dan Schneider: “By inviting the ‘Light of Christ’ (upon a person), the One who prayed ‘Father, forgive them’ from the cross, you uncover the demon who is both fueling and feeding from the memory (of the unconverted person living in mortal sin). You must cut off (the demons) source of supply. Accordingly, this prayer projects the love of Christ upon the person (your praying for) while also purifying your perception of the events. The soul of the one you need to forgive may be in grave danger and in need of someone to pray and suffer for them (and the surrender of your claim over them may be what it takes to release a flood of graces from heaven into both of your lives). This prayer is a good model for intercessory prayer in general” (Liber Christo Field Manual).

Kyle Clement is a Catholic layman who works with Fr Chad Ripperger as his team leader and case facilitator. He is the most knowledgeable Catholic layman in the world in the field of healing, deliverance, and exorcism.