What do we all want? 

June 22, 2020

What do you want most? First, life. Honor, ambition, power, what good are these without life? At night we put out our hand instinctively in the dark ready to lose that member rather than lose that which we treasure most, our life. Then, as we continue, we find that there is something else that we want in life, and that is truth. One of the first questions we ask coming into the world is “Why?” We tore apart our toys to find out what made the wheels go round. Later on we tear apart the very wheels of the universe to find out what makes its wheels go round. We are bent on knowing causes. That is why we hate to have secrets hidden from us. We were made to know. But there's still something else we want besides life and truth. We want love. Every child instinctively presses himself to his mother's breast in token of affection. He goes to his mother to have his play wounds bound. Then later on, he seeks a companion like himself with whom he can share his heart. So the quest for love continues from the cradle to the grave. And yet, though we want these things, do we find them here? Do we find life here in its fullness? Certainly not.