What is the difference between demons and devils?

January 9, 2019
Angel Vs Demon


What is the difference between demons and devils?


The difference would be explained by the answer above concerning angels and archangels.  Since demons are fallen angels, they retain their same nature and natural order among themselves. So correspondingly, demons are the lower fallen angels, and devils are the more powerful ones.  What was said about "harmony in the ranks" only applies to holy angels though because the fallen angels exist in a world of perpetual chaos, competition, hatred, game-playing, power palys and maliciousness.  If they maintain their natural order or ranks at all they do so only by the imposition of the more powerful upon the less powerful.  In other words, the demonic world is the epitome of an environment of pur Darwinian "survival of the fittest."

By Fr. Thomas Euteneuer "Exorcism and the Church Militant" page 26.