Well done good and faithful servants! 

February 28, 2022


Dear Jesse and Anita,

It was with great dismay that I learned of the satanic convention in Scottsdale the week before it happened.  I am an Anglican Christian, and was deeply disturbed to know this was going on in our city (only about 2 miles from where I live).  Then I found your website.  I praise God and thank you and all Catholics for your organization, spiritual preparation, prayers, reparations and warfare on behalf of our city.  Thanks to all Catholic parishes who offered prayers; thanks to all priests and everyone else who was involved.  Thank you all for standing in the gap and reflecting the love of Jesus Christ.  

I felt specifically called to support those of you on the front lines in prayer, so that’s what I did last weekend.  On Sunday, I was one of the many who drove by the hotel and honked with a thumbs up.  I loved seeing your banners reclaiming ground for the Lord and denying satan a foothold.  Praise God!! Thank you for protecting our city.

From what I can see on your website, the convention attendees were not happy.  My personal opinion is that there is no way anything landed in that hotel or in the city; there was just too big a prayer shield.  I pray for repentance and conversion of the hearts of those who attended.  May they be delivered and become powerful witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Well done good and faithful servants!  


My sister in Christ, thank you for your prayers and your kind words.