February 24, 2020
Spiritual Battle


I met you back in November 2019 in California at a men's catholic conference. I bought 2 of your books.  A little bit about me I'm a cancer survivor  and my wife a stroke survivor. We have been married for 29 years, have three kids my son 28 and twin girls 21 years old. 

My wife and I are concern and mortified,  my son hasn't settled yet, he goes with one girl 2, 3, weeks maybe a month or two, my daughters are in college,  and one of many things that get me sad is to see them falling away of our catholic principals,  now they even started to read the horoscope cards, they don't want us to even mention things about our religious beliefs,  and my wife and I know that those things are port of entry for evil one.  How can we get our adult children back on track?


Catholic Spiritual Warfare & Catholic healing ministries that I recommend are:

www.auxiliumchristianorum.org – totally Catholic ministry that provides instruction on spiritual warfare, requirements to engage in spiritual warfare effectively and prayers for the members – priests, laity, family and friends – so that they are not adversely affected by the demonic. You and your wife start praying these prayers called 'auxilium christianorum' prayers everynight for the rest of your life to drive out the demons from your house.

http://www.religiousdemonology.com/ - Catholic demonolist Adam Blai’ who provides spiritual warfare direction for Catholics – self-help, questions and answers and basic fundamental information to help Catholics stay protected.