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December 17, 2021


I love your show and especially the FACTUAL info you guys share. Because I, like you, love and seek the truth, I wanted to share an animal study on the mRNA Biological you discusses on the Dec 3rd terry and Jesse show. There have been studies, and as Dr Skeerit discusses, all the animals does after subsequent contact with the wild virus, after injection of the biological. The link is below. Please review on your own, and look through the references in the article. As a nurse, I do see how data is manipulated in studies to prove whatever the researcher wants to prove. It is very distressing, and I no longer trust my usual resources for “proven medical data”. People have lost their collective minds and doctors I used to trust implicitly, have lost their ability to use logic and rational thought, to make safe clinical decisions.

Thank you for continuing to share the truth and I will part for VMPR on every day rosary! Immaculate Conception-Ora pro nobis!


Its wonderful to hear from you and have you as a listener. Many people have lost their ability to discern evil and danger. Here at VMPR our spiritual antennas are working overtime.