September 12, 2023


I was just listening to your podcast on Vatican II, and have a question. At mass, our deacon has told the altar servers that instead of bowing to the tabernacle as they pass in front, they should be bowing to the altar, because during the mass, our focus should be on the altar as this is where the sacrifice takes place. I asked Father, and he said that that came with Vatican II. It feels wrong, even disrespectful to turn your back on Jesus, bend over, and bow towards the altar. What is your understanding on this practice?


Thats one of the blunders that came out of Vatican II, removing the altar from the back wall which was underneath the tabernacle allowed the Priest to kneel and bow at the same time before the tabernacle and altar. This removal of the altar from the back wall was done by the Mason Archbishop Bugnini - who was the person in charge of the Sacred Liturgy. He is the one that made the changes. He's probably in hell right now, my guess.