March 15, 2023


I am a student at a public university, and a member of the Newman’s center. We’ve noticed a disturbing trend recently of young satanists openly giving talks to students encouraging them to worship the devil. Some students openly wear satanic imagery on their t-shirts around campus. Just this week as well, there was a group of people handing out books for practicing yoga. It pains me greatly to see these occurrences especially in a majority Catholic/Latino region. We hold mass twice every week (including Sundays) at our chapel near the campus as well as weekly adoration. Additionally we’ve started praying the stations of the cross. Would this be sufficient to quell these diabolical activities on our campus or are there other measures/additional steps we as students can take?


Catholics need to bump up their game. Here is a simple strategy that will make a difference.

1.  Have all the Catholic students go to weekly adoration.

2.  Where a brown scapular and a St Benedicts Medal.

3.  Pray the daily rosary

4.  This is a powerful spiritual warfare prayer that should be prayed for hi level diabolic activity - start praying the "St Michaels chaplet" everyday.

5.  Start praying these spiritual warfare prayers everyday '', read the FAQ and the REQUIREMENTS before you start these prayers.