March 28, 2019
Yoga Girl


Let me know what the Catholic Church feels about someone practicing Yoga. What do you think about it?


I would not do YOGA, not a chance, in no uncertain terms. You can't reconcile this practice with Catholicism.

YOGA (Sanskrit for "yoke" or "union") In Hinduism, it is the general category of various kinds of disciplines meant to unite a person with the divine. Yoga can refer to physical, mental, sexual, or other disciplines to achieve enlightenment [Catholics & the New Age by Fr Pacwa, p.225]. Hindus did not devise these exercises for athletic limbering or muscle building. All were meant to lead the practitioner to enlightenment and the awareness of his inner divinity [ibid, p.33]. Hindu Masters called Yogis or Gurus have this special knowledge and can teach it to us. Learning this way of enlightenment involves Eastern meditation and special postures called 'yoga' [Beginning Apologetics 4, p.26]. Yoga is a New Age term or Buzz Word [Todays Destructive Cults & Movements, Our Sunday Visitor, Reverend Lawrence Gesy, p.113]. People can become possessed through Yoga, it is an open door to demons. The experts on Yoga admit that the exercises and stretches are representations of eastern deities (which are demons). Watch what Professor of Exorcism Fr Chad Ripperger says about Yoga and the way it opens the doors to demons - Several exorcist have told me that the body postures in Yoga, mimick the postures of a person who is diabolically manifesting during an actual exorcism.  

Also read Johnette Benkovic’s research on Yoga. Johnnette is a Catholic expert on the New Age movement, her research on Yoga is damning -

God Bless you,

Jess Romero