June 4, 2019


I listen to Jesus 911 daily, and I am monthly donor to VMP radio. With that said, do you know anything about Leo Zagami, can he be trusted as a reliable source?  He came up on my YouTube feed on some podcasts of Infowars with Alex Jones and he brought up interesting points and concerns.

I watched the video that is on the link above.  I prayed before watching asking for the Holy Trinity's protection as I was watching to learn about what these real threats are and what we may or will have to face in the future.  The video discusses links between the satanists and the Catholic Church which I have heard on your show as well.

In closing, Leo Zagami makes references to Jesus Christ but not explicitly to The Holy  Trinity Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I thought you may know of this person or could do some research on what his real position and views are.

Thank you for all that you do, and everyone  one at VMP! (Virgin Most Powerful Radio)

In Jesus through Mary. 


Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. I would not get my sources about Catholicism from Leo Zagami, he is not Catholic, he is an 'occultist.' Just read his bio -https://leozagami.com/bio-english/ . Don't be fooled when he says things that sound true, of course, an occultist like him will mix truth, with falsehood and opinion. 

He is a 'conspiracy theorist.'  

Here is the problem with talking with a conspiracy theorist. The problem lies with their “epistemology.”

Cultural Dictionary: epistemology  [(i-pis-tuh- mol -uh-jee)] 

The branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and origin of knowledge. Epistemology asks the question “How do we know what we know?”

A conspiracy theorist will pose questions from sources that they believe are reliable, which may not coincide with sources that I believe are reliable. Conspiracy theorist like him use a lot of

non sequitur (Latin) rhetoric which means "it does not follow." It means your conclusion does not follow from the statements that lead to it.

It becomes romantic to believe that you have some special knowledge that no one or very few people on planet earth have. Also, conspiracy theorist are gnostic, they speak as if they have some knowledge that nobody else has.

If you are interested in a book on Catholic prophecy that is comprehensive its called: Trial, tribulation and Triumph - http://www.queenship.org/product/Trial-Tribulation-and-Triumph-3411.html

 or 'Infiltration' by Taylor Marshall, it just came out. He describes historically how the Church got to the point where we are at now.

God Bless You - keep your eyes on JESUS (Heb 12:2),

JR <><