Trust in Jesus Christ, not stones, rocks, or crystals!

November 28, 2022


I'm a spiritual teacher who has many years of experience with crystal healing and other spiritual techniques.  I just wanted to ask whether you accept guest posts on your site? I'd love to put together an in-depth article for your readers on a topic related to crystal healing.
If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know and I'll send over some topic ideas.


My faith is in Jesus Christ and His promises, which does not include crystals, which are part of the New Age Movement (LC Field Manual), those who buy and use crystals are not simply for decoration, they believe these crystals invoke energies and powers not available to others. These 'energies' are demons that are invoked.

Jesus Christ, not stones, rocks, or crystals, is who heals us. Healing crystals or healing rocks, as they are called, are considered by many as helpful in curing or providing healing to various conditions. However, this is not backed by scientific data, and more importantly, it's not by Scripture. God's Word actually opposes them as the sin of superstition. Below are two good articles on the topic.

I] The modern fascination with crystals as “healing stones” or the claims of “crystal energy” has been around since the beginning of time. It’s a deception by which the evil one tries to turn part of God’s creation into a false god, which is a violation of the First Commandment: ““I am the Lord your God…You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:2–3).

Q. Crystal Energy and Healing Stones? — My Catholic Life!

II] The dark side of crystals. One of the main reasons crystals are used for healing is because of a “spiritual connection” between crystals and the “energy field” that surrounds a human person. Can Catholics use or wear crystals for healing? (

Using 'crystals' is the "sin of divination and the sin of superstition" (CCC 2111, 2115, 2116).