October 31, 2017


Whats your take on Halloween?


Catholics are free to decide what they want to do about the issue of Halloween, I can tell you I stopped entering into the pagan celebration of Halloween as a young man. Something just didn't feel right about that evening as people combed the streets dressed like monsters or playboy bunnies knocking on doors asking for free candy (sounds very democrat to me). I know good Catholics may disagree with me but here is why I choose not to enter into the pagan celebration of Halloween (instead I go to Holy Mass in the morning, pray my rosary and my 3 o clock divine mercy. Read the below info I am supplying you with and make up your own mind. Good Catholics can disagree on this issue, or as you said, celebrate it with caution.

One year I just turned off my porchlight and closed my front gate, letting people know that I was not participating in Halloween. However, the next day I found out that my house was vandalized, some monsters broke some pottery and statues in my front yard and threw eggs at my house. So the next year (to prevent vandalism to my house) I have once again participated in this American holiday that I don’t care for personally because of all the darkness that surrounds it. I now use Halloween as an opportunity to evangelize.

When my kids were small, we took them out dressed in superhero costumes to get candies from the neighbors, we prayed before we left and we wore our sacramentals. Something very funny, my kids have never liked Halloween and they preferred to stay home, all 3 told me at a very young age that they didn’t like Halloween and they felt the presence of evil in the streets on that day.

I myself, put on a baseball cap that says: JESUS IS LORD, put on my big St Benedicts Exorcism Crucifix around my neck, open the door and give candy to the kids and I tell them all one at a time, JESUS LOVES YOU! GOD LOVES YOU! JESUS LOVES YOU! That is how I counter this pagan celebration.

Every Satanist I have ever spoken with (Zachary King, Debra Lipsky, David Arias) has told me that when they were told me that Halloween was their highest satanic day of celebration and occultic activity.

There are some recent documents which caution Catholics about the Halloween in general, these documents should be a game changer for practicing Catholics.

1] Vatican condemns Hallowe'en as anti-Christian

The Vatican has condemned Hallowe'en as anti-Christian, saying it is based on a sinister and dangerous "undercurrent of occultism."

By Nick Squires in Rome 30 Oct 2009

2] Pope Benedicts XVI slams Halloween -

3] Vatican Exorcists Condemn Halloween: Increases Occult & Demonic Activity,Insomnia, Mental Illness - November 1st, 2015 By HANNAH ROBERTS IN ROME FOR MAILONLINEttp:// 

4] Halloween really IS evil, says Vatican, and should be replaced with HOLYWEEN so children can dress up as saints and pray

Vatican's first conference of exorcists warned of dangers to children 

Says Halloween to blame for huge rise in demonic possessions in October

Catholic official says Vatican receives 100s of calls from worried parents

5] Winning the Battle for Souls -  former Satanist recounts her return to the Church and provides some timely advice about dealing with Halloween.