May 27, 2020


I had the opportunity to read your book, A Catholic Vote for Trump. As a practicing Catholic who holds to the orthodoxy of the faith, I found your presentation of Trump in his philosophy, political agenda, values, and personality to be engaging with remarkable clarity.  It connects with and affirms many of my cherished values as a person, citizen, and Vietnam vet for which I do readily support.

Your drawing from a broad political spectrum not necessarily supportive of Trump added greatly to the validity of the argument in support of Trump.  The recognition of those folks to the corruption and power of the forces allied against Trump’s populist movement should give the average citizen an awakening and appropriate alarm.  The irrational hatred of Trump and the desperate bid by any means to retain political power shows the collusion and machination of the Democratic Party, the Deep State, and the Liberal Mob Media. It is a serious threat to our Republic, cherished liberties, and our way of life.

The Russian Hoax, the illicit coup by the Deep State to usurp a legitimately elected President, and the bogus yet appropriately failed impeachment are just some of their efforts. A Marxist ideology has a solid play in these events that have motivated these groups. The seeds of ethnic and racial hatred, violence, identity politics, class warfare have been sown and revealed in the history of this ideology in its various forms of communism, socialism, progressivism, community organizing, and fascism. 

You have demonstrated the fruits of Trump’s policies both domestic and foreign in the book. Unrivaled prosperity for all (certainly minorities) not seen before with business deregulation, energy expansion, new negotiated trade deals and creation of good paying jobs (the rebirth of the manufacturing industry). Trump does have a sincere love for America in the betterment of all. He has rejuvenated and a set on a course of greater prosperity for the average working American ( middle class) that have been devastated and diminished by economic policies of past administrations. The Rust Belt gives a glaring example.

The likes of Trump has not been seen by American politics esp. the presidential ranks for many decades with his genius for business, his political acumen, and his dogged determination and courage to not be cowed by those destructive forces against him.

The book is a reflection of you as a truly dedicated patriot seeking the common good and Catholic evangelist that takes seriously the vocation of a Christian soldier for the faith.


From another satisfied reader! Thanks for sharing!