Three Ways Of Living

January 11, 2021

We have three different ways of living, only three.  One, make your own self the guide of everything.  Second, follow rules and commandments. Third, make Christ the law of life. First, be like Narcissus, who looked into the pool, saw his own image and fell in love with it. The first way of living says, I am the rule; I've got to be me; I've got to do my thing; selfishness; egotism. As Sartre, who was the philosopher of these people said, 'My neighbor is hell.' Why? Because he stands opposite me.  The second way of living is to follow the commandments and rules of life.  This is a very commendable way of living, but it is very difficult to fall in love with an abstraction. Honesty is the best policy, yes.  We know what is right, but we sometimes lack the power to do what is right.  Since there is no person involved, it becomes rather difficult to embrace the rule of life, something that is so far away from love itself.  That brings us to the third way of governing our lives. That is: I will try to repay Christ's live for me by living his life.  I know that he loved me, because he died for me, as if I were the only person in the world who ever lived.  Because he died for me, I will do whatever he wants me to do.  I will put on the Christ-mind.  My actions will reflect Christ.  I will speak about him when another heart is empty.  I will dream about him. He is my dream, my love.  When Christ becomes the rule of life, then his life becomes ours.