Thirst for holiness

April 27, 2022

There is a spiritual thirst, as we read in one of the psalms: “I thirst for the living God, when will I appear before him?” As he says “I thirst,” our Lord is thirsting for return to his Father. The night before, at the Last Supper, he prayed to his Father and asked for the glory that was his before the foundations of the world were laid. He told his disciples that he was going to prepare a place for them. Now he has this thirst, to return again to his Father. Applying that spiritual thirst of our Lord to ourselves, what is it that we have if we love the Lord? We have a thirst for holiness. We want to be saints. We want to be happy, to be at peace on the inside, to be one with the Father. What is sanctity? Sanctity is Christ living in me so that his mind possesses my mind and I am governed by his truth. That's sanctity. He's in my will, and all things that are pleasing to him I do. He's in my body, so that my body becomes a tabernacle. Sanctity is not only Christ in me, it's making Christ known to others. It's being loveable. It's making Christ loveable. When others see us, they see Christ.