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St Charbel - Miracle worker
September 27, 2018
St. Charbel

1.  Luke 9:7-9 Wicked King Herod was intrigued by Jesus Christ

2.  Venerable Sheen - a foretaste of judgment

3.  Define ‘Miracles’ (Word File).                                                                                                                    

4.  Interview with Fr George Gabriel (Maronite Rite) on the life and miracles of St Charbel of Lebanon.

5. CATHOLIC // When a Phoenix mother lost her eyesight due to a rare medical condition, she feared she would never be able to see her four children again. But then St. Charbel came to her aid. 

6. St. Charbel Statue -

7.  This video is about Saint Charbel healing of Darlene Carda 11/9/2015 of a brain aneurysm -