March 25, 2021

Who were the tempters from the cross? Satan was the tempter at the beginning, telling Jesus how he could win the world without a cross, by allowing people to feed their own instincts, or by doing something spectacular like flying to the moon or jumping from a steeple. He also tempted Jesus to develop a theology which was increasingly important in his century, and destructive. This theology is politics. The world belongs to me, says Satan. So Satan was the first to tempt him from the cross. Then Peter tempted Jesus; that was why he was called Satan. And finally on the cross, the enemies came and said: Come down and we will believe. They would believe. But would they believe that he was the Son of God? Certainly. Believe that he founded a Church? Yes. Believe in the Eucharist? Yes. Only come down from that cross. That's all we ask. Come down and we would believe.