Taking Care Of Our Treasure

January 27, 2022

Here we come to a lesson that God teaches us concerning our treasure.  The treasure we hold in our earthen pot is grace.  We turn here to the prophet Jeremiah in the forty-eighth chapter: 'All his life long, Moab has lain undisturbed, like wine settled on its lees, not emptied from vessel to vessel; he has not gone into exile.  Therefore the taste of him is unaltered, and the flavor stays unchanged.'  Jeremiah is here describing the way the Jews made wine.  They would pour the grape wine into a vessel, allow it to settle, and when the lees  (the dregs) began to form, then the wine would be poured into another vessel.  After the dregs had settled there, it would be poured into still another, and still another, and another, until it was perfect wine. God says here of Moab, the people that did not allow the Israelites to pass through their land, 'Moab has settled on its lees.' Moab never went into exile.  There was no pouring out of a vessel, no change, no taking on of a new challenge, and for that reason it lost its taste.  This is the reason we should make a daily holy hour, so that we'll not settle on our lees. The rest of our life we'll consider as dregs.  Now we'll begin to be poured from vessel to vessel in order to be enriched with grace.