A supernatural gift

June 3, 2021

It is important to know that the gift of the Holy Spirit is first of all that which vivifies the Church, and it affects her members by making us the adopted children of God. That’s the gift of God. That is grace. It is a supernatural gift. For example, if a marble floor would suddenly begin to bloom, that would be an act which does not belong to the potencies and powers of a marble floor. Therefore, it would be supernatural, if the flowers on the altar suddenly began to move from the shade and into the sunshine, that would be a supernatural act for flowers.  If while I was talking a dog came in and said to me, “Why didn't you quote 2 Corinthians when you were talking about the Holy Spirit?” that would be a supernatural act for a dog. Likewise, the privilege of being just creatures of God and partakers of his divine nature no more belongs to us than blooming belongs to marble, or locomotion to a flower, or speech belongs to a dog. It is a gift. We are all receivers. The important mission of the Spirit is to make us like Christ.