September 10, 2019
Prayer Hands With Rosary


Dear Jesse

I am reaching out to you for help. I am a devout Catholic who is in love of our Faith.  I attend Mass every week and would go to daily Mass if I didn’t have to be at work at 6am. I have given up many nasty habits for God in my life time with the help of Confession. There is one more habit that I need to eliminate because I feel that God is tugging at my heart for me to stop...and that is vaping. I used to smoke cigarettes in my early twenties and was able to quit.  About 4 years ago...I did a stupid thing and tried vaping and now I am hooked. Sometimes I quit for a week...and I think I can do it...but when something causes me anxiety I go to the gas station and buy one to relax me.  However, it really doesn’t relax me because after I am done...I feel so I let God down.  I feel like the Devil is putting thoughts in my head to vape so my relationship to God is distracted.

Do you have any words of encouragement?  I have read you new book The Devil in the City of Angels and know that the Devil is really smart and will use whatever he can to deter a relationship God. I’m is need of prayers and help.


Start praying the rosary everyday (no excuses) - and meditate on JESUS. Also include these prayers to your daily routine - they are deliverance prayers to drive away evil spirits -, you can download the app on your smart device. These prayers are on my book: LORD PREPARE MY HANDS FOR BATTLE p 117.


Lord Jesus, You said, “I have come to set the captives free." This person is captive and needs your healing touch to be set free. Lord, please free (name) from his addiction, so that he will be free from the cares and worries that prevent his happiness & holiness; free  (name) from those sins that cling to him, and to those sins which he clings too; free  (name) from all compulsive behavior that prevents him from becoming your holy child. Bring your child, loving Savior, to the experience of the abundant life which you promised - Amen.