January 16, 2020
Polvo De Vibora


A parishioner recently asked me about the permissibility of using polio de vibora. I thought to ask you because it sounds like something that could easily be highjacked by the occult.  Do you have any experience with it?


'Polvo de Vibora' is another one of those superstitious practices found within the low information uncatechized hispanic superstitious Catholics. This is the result of not being well catechized and looking for healing outside of the sacraments and a life of prayer. They also don't know about redemptive suffering therefore this is the hispanic equivalent of "staurophobia" which means "fear of the cross" (which means 'fear of suffering'). Here are two articles on below on these 'snake pills' and their inherent danger.


SNAKE PILLS BLAMED FOR 3 DEATHS - Deseret News  https://www.deseret.com › 1994/12/20 › snake-pills-blamed-for-3-deaths  - Dec 20, 1994 - In otherwise healthy adults, salmonella poisoning can cause fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain and sometimes vomiting. ... At least four people have been hospitalized in recent months for salmonellosis caused by the rattlesnake capsules, also known as "polvo de vibora," "carne de vibora," and "vibora de cascabel."

Surprise! Eating pills made of rattlesnake is not recommended ...https://cosmosmagazine.com › biology › surprise-eating-pills-made-of-rattl...May 7, 2018 - ... state of Chihuahua in Mexico, and purchasing five homemade rattlesnake pills – or, as they are also known, pastillas de víbora de cascabel