The Spirit Works in Two Hearts

October 14, 2021

Douglas Hyde, who was editor of the communist Daily Worker, told me that he and his wife (who was co-editor) were one night listening to the Soviet foreign minister, Litvinov, on British wireless. Suddenly she got up, shut off the wireless, and said, 'I don't think he wants peace. I think he wants war. He's just talking peace.' Her husband said, 'Don't talk that way. You're not talking like a communist.'  She said, 'I don't care what I'm talking like, but I don't think he wants peace.'  'If you continue to talk that way,' he said, 'I will report you to the party and you will be disciplined.' 'Report me; I don't care', she said.  'Do you know what you're talking like?' he said. 'You're talking as if you might become a Catholic.'  She said, 'I am.' He said, 'So am I.' Here were two people editing a communist newspaper and the Holy Spirit worked on them separately and changed them until they were both brought into the Church.