The Spirit not the law

May 27, 2021

 Every sinner who has the Spirit of Christ always thinks of sin in relation to the crucifixion. That is when our Blessed Lord becomes our hope. So there is nothing like the enlightened conscience, in which we are not under a law. Those who really love Christ are beyond it. The Holy Spirit gives us a sense of holiness, and holiness is separation from the world. St. Paul says that his conscience was enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Whenever, therefore, we do wrong, it is not the law, it is not the commandments, it is the Spirit that tells us that we are breaking off the relationship with love.  That is why St. Paul tells us that as often as we sin, we crucify Christ anew in our hearts. Therefore the life of a true Christian is not so much concerned with the avoidance of sin. We are beyond that. Rather, it is an attempt to reproduce in ourselves the life of Christ. As our Lord said of his heavenly Father, “All things that are pleasing to him, that I do.” So we say to the Trinity, “All things that are pleasing to God, that we do.” That constitutes our attitude toward sins, and it is done through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.