Smiling vs Frowning

May 13, 2022


Why should I smile?


It takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 17 to smile, smiling takes less effort than frowning. Smiling also helps you look younger. Smiling helps you succeed from relationships to careers, it is one of humanity’s greatest gift so do it every chance you get (Dr Ron Holman,; p.19, article ‘Happiness is only a smile away.’ ALADS Dispatcher, vol. XXXIV, issue 5; May 2017). Proverbs 15:30 (NAB) “A cheerful glance brings joy to the heart.”

We all say ‘Good Morning’ to others. Do you know the new meaning of ‘GOOD MORNING’?

G – get up

O – open your heart

O – open your mind

D – dedicate your day to God

M – meditate on God’s Word

O – optimize your faith & hope

R – rebuke all evils

N – never doubt Gods love

I – inspire someone

N – nothing should scare you

G – go out with joy

So, I say GOOD MORNING & have a blessed day.