January 14, 2020
Upside Down


Thanks for the info on your blog titled "Say No!! To Pagans Images!!!

I am 81 year old, a cradle catholic, baltimore catechism alumni, LOL! Just kidding....the nuns in East Los Angeles area did their best. Listening to your radio show on Virgin Most Powerful Radio, Relevant Radio, Word on Fire and more....has me catching up on my faith.

 Anyway, regarding Tikis. My late wife's step father was Filipino and a Tiki Carver in the 1970's.  He gave us Tiki Masks carved out of large palm branches. They looked we got rid of them when we moved long time ago.

I also recall my abuelita (grandmother), saying some ladies would turn the portrait of a saint upside down to get a prayer answered. 

My question to you is, have you ever heard of such a practice?



I also recall my grandmother saying the same thing. This is a superstitious pagan practice and is a sin against the 1st commandment.