December 15, 2020

"Let's go back and think of all the repercussions of the sin of Adam.  There isn't an Arab; there isn't an American; there isn't a European; there isn't an Asiatic in the world who does not feel within himself something of the complexes, the contradictions, the contrarieties, the civil wars, the rebellions inside of his human nature which he has inherited from Adam.  We all struggle against temptation.  Why?  Simply because our human nature was disordered in the beginning.  There is a terrific monotony about human nature.  You must not think that you are the only one in the world who has a tortured soul.  Now if the sin of Adam had so many repercussions in every human being that has ever lived, shall we deny that incarnation of our blessed Lord has had a greater repercussion?  Can it be that the sin of one man can have greater effects and disorder in human nature than the incarnation of the Son of God has in ordering all humanity?  That is why I say that everybody in the world implicitly Christian.  They may not become Christians, but that is not the fault of Christ.  He took their humanity upon himself."