Signs of the Kingdom

August 31, 2017

The miracles of our Lord are inseparable from his Person. His miracles differed from that of prophets and others inasmuch as theirs were answers to prayers, granted by a higher power. But his flowed from the majestic life that was vested in him. That is why St. John calls them, in his gospel, “signs” or “works”, meaning that they were the sort of thing that might be expected from the Son of God. They were evidences of Jesus , divine revelation. But they were even more, for they testified to his redemptive action as the Savior of the world.  By healing the palsied and the lame and the blind, Christ clothed with visible form his power to cure spiritual diseases. These physical diseases were to him symbols of that which was spiritual. He often passed from the physical fact of the miracle to its symbolic and spiritual meaning. For example, blindness was a symbol of blindness to the light of faith. By casting out devils from those who were possessed, he pointed out his victory over the powers of evil, whereby men would be freed from slavery to evil and restored to moral liberty