Should I watch video's of a person possessed?

May 17, 2022


I recently received to my messenger a video of one of the seers in medjugorje. I read the title about how a possessed woman caused a disturbance. I dont care to see videos that have howls and such on a video. Is it safe to listen and watch those types of videos? I told the person who sent it if they thought it was safe to hear and watch those videos. What are your thoughts?


If you're watching the video to enhance your knowledge about the Catholic faith as it relates to spiritual warfare then it's fine to watch it - that's called 'studiousity' which is virtuous.

If you watch the video for titillation and your fascinated with the preternatural world of demons, then your motive would be wrong - that's called 'curiosity', that's what got 'Eve' in trouble in the garden of Eden.