Should I warn my students?

February 27, 2019
Danger Signs


I'm an avid listener of Jesus 911 and have a lit of personal experience with spiritual warfare.  Due to my teaching schedule, I'm not able to call in live with my question. I just put in a prayer request for two students of mine who one has made a drastic clothing change to all things witch, specifically wearing clothes from Blackcraft Cult. The site openly promotes Satanism and the demon Baphomet, the same that the Satanists are taking to state capitals in the firm of a statue.The other student wears a hoodie that has the statement "angels protect me" but the front has the face of a demon with a chain around it's neck. I made a comment about the face not matching what most would picture an angel. He said bluntly, "It's a demon. But it has a collar and chain on it's neck, so it can't do harm."  The sleeves of the shirt say, "The Peep Show." My gut tells me to probe for information about home life and what appeals to them about demons and the occult.  My intent is to warn them of the dangers of their involvement. My question is, is this the correct course of action? I keep Epiphany Holy Water in the classroom, have a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe on my classroom, and I say the St. Michael prayer frequently on behalf of my students.

Thank you for your prayers and consideration of my question.


Everything you are doing and are planning to do is precisely what I would do. Satanism and witchcraft have now become mainstream and part of the pop culture because of the powerful luciferian Hollywood media. Also include these prayers for your personal arsenal from my book “Lord Prepare My Hands for Battle” or and follow the requirements to start these Catholic deliverance prayers to drive away demons. Start wearing a blessed St Benedict and Miraculous medal underneath your shirt. Your in a war zone my brother. Be not afraid, and fight the darkness through HIM with HIM and in HIM.