Should I include the Luminous mysteries in a 54 day novena of the holy rosary?

May 10, 2017
Luminous Mysteries


I am going to start a 54 day novena of the holy rosary & I was wondering if I should include the Luminous mysteries, since the 54 day novena came before the Luminous mysteries were added. Can I add them? The 54 day novena just mentions the glorious, sorrowful and joyful mysteries but not the luminous mysteries.


Fr Donald Calloway: “Technically, St John Paul II made the luminous mysteries optional. However, you should know that St Louis de Montfort already talked about additional mysteries 3 centuries ago, and he specifically named 4 of the current 5 luminous mysteries. I always include the luminous mysteries when I do the 54 day rosary novena. I’m sure St Dominic, Blessed Bartolo Longo (who is responsible for spreading the 54 day rosary novena) and Our Lady herself would want the luminous mysteries prayed. Remember, they are to combat the errors of the time: Lack of Baptism, Same Sex Marriage, Lack of Repentance, Religious Pluralism and lack of Belief in the Real Presence. To pray the luminous mysteries is to make reparation to the hearts of Jesus and Mary. Besides, St John Paul II didn’t invent them, St George of Preca was the first to call them the luminous mysteries in the 1940’s. Yes, pray the luminous mysteries in your 54 day novena.”