Separation from God

July 13, 2020

When anyone says that he is forsaken by God or he denies God, he must realize that he has a brother who endured the bitterness of separation to the very last extremity of Golgotha. If he showed the way, then we can find the way out too. This was the loneliness of Christ in the garden and the loneliness on the cross. Like a sponge, the silence of our Lord soaked up all the evil. Because he soaked it up, evil lost all of its strength. After all, when an atheist complains about the ugliness and evil of the world, does he not know in his inmost heart that this is not the way the world was intended to be? He is affirming the very existence of God by the intensity of his complaint. Without God, there would be no one to whom to complain. And in his complaint he has Christ to whom he can go.