January 9, 2020


 Are you familiar with the tiki statues they sell in Hawaii. We had family go to Hawaii not too long ago and they brought us back some goodies. One of those things was a tiki statue that says "Happiness Tiki: Keep this happiness tiki by your side. It will bring happiness and joy to you and others around you." I am sure it was brought to us because it's pretty symbolic of Hawaii, not because of what it says, but I am wondering if it might be better to get it rid of it anyway. Also, are you familiar with the restaurant chain "Chipotle"? They have statues and images of what looks like aztec gods in their restaurant. I was wondering if you have information on that and whether it might just be a good idea to not eat there. That also makes me want to ask about restaurants where there are shrines to buddha. Is is necessary to stay away from eating in those place?                                                             


This is a form of magic in which the particular object is believed to have power to attract the good or to ward off evil. These are particularly bad when given to us by a fortune teller, spiritualist, "curandero" or some person involved with the occult. When the object is worn on the person or carried in the purse or placed in the home, it means that the influence of evil is always present there with us.

Examples are: carrying garlic in the purse in order to always have money, keeping an open pair of scissors for good luck, keeping special herbs in a jar, wearing a crescent around the neck or a necklace of garlic, putting alfalfa and flowers in front of a statue, placing figures of oriental or Indian gods in the house, and so on. Much of the modern jewelry worn about the neck is now actually representative of something used in witchcraft. Usually people wear this jewelry innocently.

We must be careful not to use religious medals or statues in a superstitious way. No medal, no statue, nor religious article has any power or luck connected with it. A medal, statue or candle is only a sign of our prayer asking the saint to intercede with God for us. All worship is given to God and to Him alone.

All of the objects described above or any other objects used in a superstitious way should be effectively thrown away or destroyed. If we are wearing jewelry that corresponds to a zodiac sign, or if we wear something that is representative of witchcraft, we can open ourselves unwittingly to the kingdom of darkness. People wear religious medals because they seek the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the saints, and they desire the protection and the blessing of God. Wearing something that represents the occult, even in an innocent way, is symbolic of our being under the power of darkness. We should not hesitate to get rid of this type of jewelry. Either we want to be in the Kingdom of God or we don't.

Renounce Satan, renounce the use of charms and ask God's pardon. If you deliberately carved such an object to ward off evil or to attract good luck, it would be well to mention this when you go to Confession.

Place your faith, not in the kingdom of darkness, but only in Jesus Christ who cures, who saves, who protects and who loves us -      

By Bishop Donald W. Montrose – on Charms And Amulets